5 Benefits of Improving Your Indoor Air Quality in Charleston, SC

Today’s modern homes in Charleston, SC, are designed to be more energy-efficient than ever before, and they are built tighter and with better insulating properties. While you will typically use less energy to cool the interior, you will also bring in less fresh air into the home. This results in an unhealthy accumulation of pollutants inside the home, but, fortunately, you can benefit from improving your indoor air quality.

1. Reduces Allergens

Due to the increased energy efficiency of modern homes, your indoor air quality can suffer from a buildup of common allergens and other pollutants. These contaminants are typically tiny particles of dust, pollen and pet dander. Increasing your ventilation in the home with a whole-home ventilation system to draw in more outside air will decrease these allergens.

You should also provide a more intensive filtration system by installing filters with higher MERV ratings and by adding a whole-home filtration or purifying system to your existing HVAC system. This will remove most small particles and other contaminants.

2. Removes Biological Compounds

Besides containing hazardous chemicals and tiny particles of allergens, there are also occasions where your indoor air may be contaminated with spores originating from natural biological compounds present in your home. These compounds can release spores that may cause allergic reactions for some people. A sophisticated air purifying system that works in tandem with your HVAC system can remove a high percentage of these airborne biological contaminants.

3. Lessens High Humidity Levels

An important aspect of indoor air quality is the level of the moisture in your home. The humidity level in the home should be between 30% and 60% for optimum comfort and health. Problems can occur if the levels are either too high or too low.

When the humidity level inside is too high, the increased moisture in the air can result in the growth of biological compounds. These growths can damage the surfaces where they are attached and be difficult to remove. A high amount of moisture in the air is also uncomfortable, and you and everyone else in your home will experience a clammy feel to the skin and be unable to cool off by normal perspiration.

4. Increases Low Humidity Levels

If the humidity level is too low, then you can experience an unhealthy dryness of your skin, eyes and respiratory system. When your skin is too dry, you can develop small fissures and cracks that can let in bacteria. When your eyes are too dry, they can become infected more easily, and you may become more susceptible to upper respiratory ailments.

It is an easy process to test the humidity in your home. If you need humidity modification, there are many different types of humidifiers and dehumidifiers that will correct the humidity level.

5. Removes Chemicals

Your home is constructed with many types of materials that cover the basic framing of the house. Drywall, paint, wallpaper, tile, laminates, carpet and other materials are constantly leaching gases into your air. While these are emitted in minuscule amounts, over time they will accumulate and become irritants.

When these chemicals are present in large quantities in your home, they can cause adverse health issues. They can irritate your skin and eyes and inhaling these toxic fumes can affect your lungs. Using a good filtration and purification system will ensure that these chemicals are removed and prevented from accumulating.

You may not have ever given much thought to the quality of your indoor air, but your health and comfort is directly affected by the air inside your home. It is important to filter, ventilate and purify your indoor air as optimally as possible, in order to have the interior home environment you deserve. Call M & B Heating & Air today to learn more about how we can significantly improve your indoor air quality.

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