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National construction standards ensure that today’s homes and commercial buildings are extraordinarily energy efficient. Unfortunately, tight perimeter envelopes eliminate natural fresh air pathways, which can create significant indoor air quality problems. Anytime someone comes into your home, they introduce an assortment of harmful contaminants into the living area.

Your HVAC equipment can actually aggravate the situation by blowing the pollutants into the different rooms inside your home. If you suspect your home has an indoor air quality (IAQ) problem, call the professionals at M & B Heating and Air.

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Maintaining a Healthy Indoor Environment

Dirt, pollen, mold and dust can worsen a number of severe respiratory conditions, including asthma, allergies, and COPD. At M & B Heating and Air, our trained professionals can identify and remediate the most common IAQ problems. Every home has its own unique profile, but a comprehensive indoor air quality strategy typically includes these elements:

Indoor Air Quality

IAQ issues are often hidden and elusive. In many instances, homeowners only become aware of a problem when someone in the family is suffering from allergies, skin problems, eye irritation or chronic respiratory conditions. We’ll ask about your symptoms and employ the appropriate equipment to identify the responsible contaminants by tracing them back to the source.

Air Purification Systems

Central air filters are the cornerstone of every indoor air quality system. Advanced purification products are available in a variety of formats, including electronic, media, and electrostatic. Filters are rated according to the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV), which measures the size and quantity of particulate matter captured by the filter over a given number of air passes. Most contractors recommend a minimum MERV 7 filter, but it’s important to determine if your particular system has sufficient static pressure to accommodate a high-efficiency model. After reviewing your system, we will be able to recommend the best filter for your system and your indoor air quality.

Humidification Equipment

A proper level of indoor humidity is critical for keeping your home healthy. If the indoor air is too dry, pollutants stay airborne longer until they are inhaled by a family member. Conversely, air that contains too much humidity can provide an environment for mold and fungi growth. We’ll determine your home’s precise humidity requirements and design an appropriate solution.


Since a tight building perimeter disrupts natural fresh air pathways, a mechanical ventilator should be installed to ensure a continuous stream of fresh air enters the building. As these units introduce outdoor air into the living environment, an equal amount of stale air is exhausted outdoors. High-end models also have the ability to capture a portion of the energy lost during the air exchange process.

Complete IAQ Solutions

At M & B Heating and Air, we understand there is no higher priority than the health and well-being of your family. If you suspect the air inside your home may be a problem, call one of our IAQ specialists to learn more about our comprehensive indoor air quality services.
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