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7 Surprising Ways You Are Wasting Energy

Energy Savings
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Energy use is a part of everyday life. But what you may not realize is how much energy you are actually wasting in your Summerville, South Carolina home. Often times you may be wasting energy without even knowing you're doing so. If you help reduce energy-wasting habits and practice good conservation tips, you can actually save up to 25 percent […]

5 Strategies for Improving Winter Indoor Air Quality

winter IAQ
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You're likely spending much more time indoors during the winter than you would in any other season, so it's especially important for you to care for the indoor air in your Charleston, South Carolina, home during this time of year. Use these five strategies to take control of your indoor air quality this winter and maintain a healthier, happier home. […]

Step Into the Future With a Voice-Controlled Thermostat

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Maintaining the comfort of your Charleston, South Carolina, home is now easier than ever with the latest technologies to help control your HVAC system. Voice-controlled thermostats are one of the newer technologies that consumers are using to take control of the energy use in their homes and help keep their HVAC system running more efficiently. What is a Voice-Controlled Thermostat? […]

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality for Better Health

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The indoor air quality in your Charleston home can have a direct impact on the health and well-being of your family. If your indoor air is polluted, you and your family members are more likely to experience health problems such as eye and nose irritation, throat infection, dizziness, headache, and fatigue. Long-term exposure to bad air can lead to severe […]

How to Keep Your Baby Comfortable With the Proper Humidity

Keep Your Baby Comfortable
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Having a baby changes everything. You start noticing certain things in your life that could cause potential harm to that little child. You worry about the sharp corners on furniture, you religiously clean to prevent illness, and you drive with the highest-quality car seat there is. What many new parents in Charleston, South Carolina, are discovering, however, is that caring […]

Enjoy Peace of Mind With Our Cool Club

HVAC maintenance
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South Carolina's electricity prices are 16 percent below the national average at about 8.3 cents per kilowatt. Although the state is one of the top nuclear power producers in the country, and it has avoided many costly energy policies that other states have implemented, every homeowner in Charleston, South Carolina, still wants to save more. Considering that the heating and […]