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Tips for Heating and Cooling Multi-Level Homes

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Heating or cooling a multi-level home can be complicated, especially with a climate like in Summerville, South Carolina. With hot summers, mild winters, and an average of 40 to 80 inches of annual rainfall, heating or cooling can use a lot of energy, especially when there is more than one room or one level to heat or cool. Here are […]

5 Strange AC Warning Sounds and Odors

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When your air conditioner emits an offensive smell or a strange noise, it's an AC warning sign. For the most part, we treat our air conditioners as "out of sight, out of mind," and rarely give them much thought until there is an indication that something is wrong. An unrecognized noise or smell from your AC is usually a sign […]

4 Technologies for Increasing Your Comfort

Increasing Comfort Technologies
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The HVAC equipment that improves comfort for you and your family isn't just restricted to your main heating and AC units. Many other devices can help you improve your indoor air quality, save energy, and make your Seabrook Island, South Carolina, home healthier and more enjoyable to live in. Some of the best technologies for increasing your comfort are programmable […]

What to Consider When Choosing a New Heat Pump or AC System

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There's a lot to consider if you're installing a new heat pump or air conditioning system in your Seabrook Island, SC home. Between evaluating your home's needs, selecting the right equipment and caring for it properly, the process can easily seem overwhelming. To help you keep things simple and make the best decisions, here are the essential points to keep […]

7 Surprising Ways You Are Wasting Energy

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Energy use is a part of everyday life. But what you may not realize is how much energy you are actually wasting in your Summerville, South Carolina home. Often times you may be wasting energy without even knowing you're doing so. If you help reduce energy-wasting habits and practice good conservation tips, you can actually save up to 25 percent […]

5 Strategies for Improving Winter Indoor Air Quality

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You're likely spending much more time indoors during the winter than you would in any other season, so it's especially important for you to care for the indoor air in your Charleston, South Carolina, home during this time of year. Use these five strategies to take control of your indoor air quality this winter and maintain a healthier, happier home. […]