Don’t Pick an HVAC Company in Johns Island, SC, Until You Ask These 11 Questions

The extreme temperatures in Johns Island, SC, require a fully functioning HVAC system to protect you from cold or hot temperatures. Finding a trustworthy HVAC company can be tricky, yet you need a reliable contractor for the system’s efficiency. Here are 11 crucial questions to ask an HVAC company before hiring.

1. Do You Pre-Screen Your Employees?

You need to feel safe around the professionals repairing or replacing your HVAC system. Ensure that the company screens all its employees because you trust them to inspect, repair or replace your HVAC system professionally. You also don’t want to allow convicted criminals into your home.

2. Do You Provide Emergency Services?

Heating and air conditioning systems can break down or cause problems at odd hours. If your HVAC system breaks down, you want to know that you can call your contractor any time of the day or night. Choose a company that’s always accessible to provide emergency HVAC services.

3. Have You Repaired This Same Issue Before?

It’s helpful to hire an HVAC company that has personally solved the problem at hand. Asking this question can quickly tell you if you’re dealing with the right company or not. An HVAC company that has experience with your specific HVAC system has a better chance of fixing it efficiently.

4. Where Can I View Your Reviews and References?

Ask about where else you can read the company’s reviews besides its website. Reading reviews helps you understand the kind of company you’re about to hire. Make sure you hire an HVAC contractor with positive reviews.

5. What Are Your Payment Terms?

HVAC system installations are an expensive investment. You may want to consider a company that provides financing or a payment plan that allows you to pay over time. Such a company also demonstrates its concern to clients.

6. Do You Provide Free Estimates?

You need to get estimates from different contractors to evaluate your options effectively. Also, if you’re replacing your HVAC system, you’ll need to shop for the best deals. Choose companies that provide free estimates to help you select good deals.

7. What Services Do You Provide?

You need to know the kind of services the HVAC company provides before contracting it. Besides the essential services like maintenance, repair and installation, a reliable company should provide geothermal, duct cleaning or commercial HVAC services. Consider choosing a company that offers a diverse range of HVAC services to help you achieve optimal indoor comfort.

8. What Type of Licenses Do You Have?

The state requires HVAC companies to have licenses. Ask the company to show you its license number to validate the license’s authenticity. It’s unwise to hire a company that doesn’t have a proper license.

9. Are You Insured?

Asking for proof of insurance from an HVAC company assures you that the company will handle damages or injuries that happen during the actual work. The company should at least have liability insurance that caters to property damage and bodily injury as well as workers’ compensation insurance.

10. When Will You Complete the Job?

inquire how long it will take to complete the HVAC project. If you need the work done within a short time, it’s necessary to hire a company that can deliver on short notice. Scheduling is not always accurate, but it gives you a rough idea of the time required to complete the installation or repair task.

11. Do You Do Home Energy Audits?

An entire home energy audit is a great way to achieve the energy efficiency of HVAC systems. The ideal HVAC company should provide these audits so that besides the repairs, your HVAC system operates optimally. Some critical factors during an energy audit include your house size, and insulation.

You stand to lose much if you choose a subpar HVAC company. Don’t shy away from asking these questions before settling for an HVAC contractor so that you choose the right company. Contact our team at M & B Heating and Air today for indoor air quality, heating and air conditioning services.

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