Heat Pump Mistakes and How to Avoid Them in Charleston, SC

Your heat pump should be in top shape to offer comfort and reduce energy costs. However, you could be engaging in harmful habits that limit your unit’s ability to operate optimally. Here are some heat pump mistakes you should avoid in your Charleston, SC, home.

Turning Your Thermostat Down Too Low

Turning your thermostat to a setting that’s too low will do more harm than good in the long run. You may assume that your heat pump will regulate your home’s temperature faster by dropping the temperature further than normal, but your unit will still release the same quantity of conditioned air regardless of how low you have set the temperature on the thermostat. For this reason, your system will end up working longer to try to reach the set temperature.

You’ll also notice an increase in energy bills and more heat pump repairs. To avoid these problems, refrain from turning your thermostat down lower and lower. You may need to add insulation, weather-stripping or window caulk to prevent any leaks.

Skipping Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat pump maintenance ensures you get the best from your system. Check your filters regularly to ensure dirt and debris are not causing a blockage. Dirty filters limit airflow, interfering with your heat pump’s performance.

Consider replacing your filter monthly or every three months, depending on your manufacturer’s specification. Also, consider scheduling annual heat pump maintenance to ensure your home is always comfortable. During the maintenance, a professional technician will:

  • Check any duct and refrigerant leaks and repair any leakages they find.
  • Check your thermostat.
  • Ensure the belts are in good working condition and lubricate the motors.
  • Check the air filter.

Using an Incorrectly Sized Heat Pump

Don’t assume that a bigger heat pump automatically means that it’s better for your home; different home sizes will require different heat pumps. If your heat pump is too large for your home, it will cool parts of your house in a short time without dehumidifying it completely or leaving some rooms uncomfortable.

On the other hand, if a heat pump is too small for your house, it will struggle to regulate the temperature. This will prompt the unit to run for an extended period while trying to reach the temperature on the thermostat. The heat pump lifespan reduces when your system runs continuously rather than operating in cycles.

Contact a professional to calculate your home’s heat pump requirements. They will consider several factors in your home, including the square footage, insulation quality, number of windows and air filtration. The professional will advise on the best heat pump for your house based on their findings.

DIY Repairs and Installations

When your heat pump malfunctions, you may get the urge to repair it yourself to try and save on the repair costs. However, the process is not as simple as you may see in some tutorials, and it can pose high risks to your safety.

These risks include electric shock, or even worse, you can inadvertently damage parts of your system, even pieces that you aren’t actively attempting to fix. That can lead to bigger issues and more expensive repair costs later on.

Most importantly, DIY repairs interfere with your system’s warranty. Most warranties only covers your heat pump if you allow professional maintenance and repairs. Though you can do some basic maintenance, like changing your home’s air filter, leave the technical stuff to the professionals.

Reach out to M & B Heating and Air for professional HVAC services. Our NATE-certified technicians care about your comfort, which is why we prioritize quality service, guaranteeing you 100% satisfaction.

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