How Should I Prep My Home for HVAC Installation in Charleston, SC?

Investing in a new home HVAC system can promise years of better indoor comfort and lower energy bills. The actual installation appointment can take a few hours up to a day or two, depending on the complexity of the service. You can help simplify the HVAC installation process by keeping these helpful home preparation tips in mind in Charleston, SC.

Clear the Way

When getting your home ready for an HVAC installation, you should start by clearing your driveway. Consider moving your vehicles to the street so the garage and driveway are clear for their truck and equipment loading and unloading.

Your installer will have to park their van as close to your home as possible to access their tools. They’ll also need enough room to remove the old HVAC equipment and bring in your new unit.

Don’t forget to ensure there’s an accessible path from your driveway to your HVAC system space. Giving the installation team a clear way minimizes the risk of accidents and ensures they can quickly complete their service. It can also be helpful to prepare easy access to your home’s breaker box, which your technicians will need when connecting the new system’s wiring.

If you’re having your outdoor air conditioning unit replaced, remove any nearby debris, branches or landscaping decor that may get in the way. Keeping a few feet of clearance around the system also ensures you don’t struggle with restricted airflow.

Have Your Wi-Fi Password Ready

Many technicians recommend getting a new thermostat at the same time as your heating and cooling installation. Most new programmable or smart thermostats possess more comprehensive settings and better efficiency options. Some of the more advanced devices can send you alerts about your HVAC system’s health and track your monthly energy usage.

If you’re opting for a smart thermostat, you’ll need to know your Wi-Fi information. This will allow your technician to quickly set up and test your new thermostat.

Plan for Service All Day

Rather than attempting to juggle your normal schedule with an HVAC installation, consider taking the whole day off. When your service experts initially arrive, they’ll need to assess your home and the old equipment before beginning. The next step is to safely remove the old equipment and prepare the area for a new system.

During the installation, your technicians may need to ask questions about your home or your old system. After installing your improved HVAC equipment and any other additional systems like air quality units, they’ll perform several efficiency and safety tests.

Once your technician team has completed your HVAC installation, they’ll deliver a detailed system report. They’ll provide you with a receipt and answer any questions about the new system’s warranty. You can also often take this time to ask about yearly maintenance plans, which are the best way to lengthen the lifespan of your newly installed HVAC equipment.

Take Care of Pets and Children

Be sure to keep your pets and children in mind during your home preparation. Regardless of whether your animals are friendly, you don’t want them to get underfoot and cause issues during the installation. There’s also a risk they could get loose when technicians are coming in and out.

It’s safer to keep your pets out of the way in a separate room or possibly a pet crate. If necessary, you can block them off with pet fences or move them to a different area of the home.

Kids can also distract your technicians, potentially disrupting the process. An active HVAC installation can involve handling gas lines and changing electrical wiring. This isn’t a safe area for children or those not trained in heating and cooling.

Getting your home ready for your upcoming HVAC installation will make the process easier for both you and the installation team. Our NATE-certified technicians are ready to assist and will ensure your 100% satisfaction. Schedule your superior HVAC installation with our experienced experts at M & B Heating and Air in Charleston, SC today.

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