Step Into the Future With a Voice-Controlled Thermostat

Maintaining the comfort of your Charleston, South Carolina, home is now easier than ever with the latest technologies to help control your HVAC system. Voice-controlled thermostats are one of the newer technologies that consumers are using to take control of the energy use in their homes and help keep their HVAC system running more efficiently.

What is a Voice-Controlled Thermostat?

Smart home systems have paved the way for voice-controlled technology. They allow you to control the automated features in your home with simple commands. With these new technologies, you have the ability to control your smart thermostat from apps on your smart devices or through smart home systems like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home. Honeywell has even been able to market its own smart thermostat with voice control that allows users to control their thermostat with the command "Hey, thermostat." You can find a smart voice-controlled thermostat that is compatible with your home system or one that works independently.

Benefits of a Voice-Controlled Thermostat

Not only will a smart thermostat provide you with added convenience, but it will also help you to keep your HVAC system running more efficiently. When purchasing a voice-controlled thermostat, homeowners can look forward to benefiting from:

The Convenience to Control Your Temperature From Anywhere in Your Home

The most obvious convenience of a voice-controlled thermostat is the ability to alter the temperature in your home from any room with a single voice command. You can use simple commands such as "turn the heat up" or "go to night settings." Some models even respond to more generic commands such as "I’m cold." Voice controlled thermostats are programmed to understand natural language and commands, and learn to adapt to various voice patterns, allowing everyone in the home to give commands.

The Ability to Track Patterns

Voice-controlled thermostats are equipped with smart technology that allows them to learn your habits and determine which settings you find most comfortable. Over time the thermostat can use this data to alter its settings automatically. This data can also be used for less direct voice commands such as "it’s hot in here." When a command like this is given, the thermostat will be able to access its data on your past temperature preferences to lower to a setting that you find more comfortable.

Better Energy Efficiency for Your HVAC System

Operating as part of a smart technology system, voice-controlled thermostats are geared to improve efficiency both when you are at home and when you are away. Smart thermostats can be programmed for more complicated daily and weekly schedules and often have a vacation mode you can switch to. By tracking data and learning your daily habits, your smart thermostat will begin to self-adjust its settings to meet your heating and cooling needs, and help your HVAC system run smoothly and efficiently.

The Ability to Connect All of Your Smart Devices in One Location

With the ability to use your smart thermostat through home systems such as Alexa or Google Home, you can begin to connect all of the smart devices in your home under the control of one voice-controlled device. Since all of these devices can connect through Wi-Fi, you can access your home devices via your smartphone or smart devices even when you are away from your home. Forget to adjust the temperature before leaving for work? Not sure if you set the thermostat to vacation mode? Is a guest stopping by while you’re out of town? You can adjust the temperature with the push of a button no matter how far away from home you may be. A voice-controlled thermostat can take you one step closer to fully automating your home, providing you with overall efficiency and increased energy savings over time.

A voice-controlled thermostat is another tool to help you automate your home and make managing your energy and HVAC system more convenient. To find out more on how a voice-controlled thermostat can help simplify your life and make your HVAC system more energy efficient, contact our professionals at M & B Heating and Airat 843-648-1775.

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