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3 Signs of an Impending HVAC Breakdown

Impending HVAC Breakdown
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When the HVAC system in your Charleston, South Carolina, home is showing signs of an impending breakdown, it's important to know what to do next. You may notice warning signs, such as poor efficiency, odors or sounds, or weak airflow, that indicate an HVAC issue. Continuing to run the system could end up causing further damage, so it's important to call an HVAC technician to take a closer look.

Poor Efficiency

The efficiency of your heating and cooling system refers to its ability to use energy to heat or cool the air and move it throughout the home. When the efficiency level drops, you'll end up paying more in monthly bills because of the wasted energy. Poor efficiency levels can be caused by problems with specific components in the unit, a clogged, dirty filter, or other potential issues.

Odors or Sounds

Strange odors or sounds coming from your system can also indicate an impending breakdown. Musty odors often indicate the presence of moisture in the unit, while burning smells could mean a problem with the wiring or power source. If you hear grinding or squealing sounds, one of the components may have slipped out of place, so it's best to contact an HVAC expert to determine the cause and come up with a plan to fix it.

Weak Airflow

When the airflow drops in your home, the HVAC system's compressor may be failing or you could have gaps in your ductwork causing air to leak out. Over time, the ducts tend to trap debris, including pet hair, dander, pollen, dust, and other debris, which can also slow down the airflow and cause the system to work harder to move heated or cooled air. Having your ducts cleaned regularly could resolve this issue. However, when the issue is the result of a compressor failure or damaged ducts, you'll need an HVAC technician to diagnose the problem and perform the repair.

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