Can I Use My AC to Combat Allergies in Charleston, SC?

Although you may not see them, contaminants are circulating in your indoor air that can trigger allergies. Fortunately, your air conditioner steps in to help eliminate many of these contaminants. We will discuss some tips for using your AC to combat allergy symptoms in Charleston, SC.

Change Your Air Filter

When your AC draws in air for cooling, that air has to pass through a filter. This filter catches any contaminants in the air. Therefore, when the AC recirculates the air into your house after cooling, the air is more clear of pollutants.

Your filter cannot trap contaminants forever. The more dust and debris it traps, the more it becomes clogged. As a result, the air filter’s ability to clean your indoor air reduces and is more likely to trigger your allergies.

Consider getting a new air filter every 3 months or more frequently if you have pets. Replacing your air filter also helps your air conditioner to draw air easily from your house, thus reducing the strain on the system’s parts.

Schedule Regular Maintenance Services

You may feel sweaty when you stay in a room with excessive humidity. Excessive humidity also promotes the growth of biological contaminants that may release spores in your indoor airspace. These spores trigger allergy attacks.

Your AC maintains optimal indoor humidity levels to promote good indoor air quality. It absorbs excess humidity through the evaporator coil. The moisture collects in the drain pan, which then runs through the condensate line to the outside of your home.

Maintenance services help your air conditioner operate at peak efficiency while regulating indoor temperatures and humidity. Your technician will inspect the evaporator coil to ensure it’s working correctly.

Run Your Fan Regularly

Your AC fan keeps the air in motion, preventing it from remaining stagnant and helping to pass more air through the filter.

Use the “ON” setting on the thermostat if you need to circulate the air. However, it is not advisable to use the setting when the system is not running a cooling cycle because the fan will circulate warm air.

We will address any issues reducing your system’s ability to cool your house or clean the indoor air. Contact Myatt & Bates Heating and Air for quality air conditioning repair services in Charleston, SC.

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