How Our Carrier Infinity Products Are the Ultimate in Green Heating

If you are looking to upgrade to an energy-efficient heating system for your Summerville, South Carolina, home, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything better than our Carrier Infinity heat pumps. All Carrier Infinity products are highly innovative, versatile, and environmentally friendly, and they come with a smart communication system, so you know you’re getting the best available to keep your home comfortable.

Innovative Features of the Infinity Product Line

Depending on the model you choose, the Infinity line of heat pumps offers a lot of different features. Greenspeed Intelligence allows the heating system to automatically adjust to your home’s temperature requirements, while Hybrid Heat Technology saves you energy by making your heating system switch over to the most efficient fuel source, based upon the outdoor air temperature.

The Ideal Humidity System lets you control the indoor humidity, along with the temperature, with the help of a variable-speed blower installed in the indoor unit. The Comfort Heat Technology, on the other hand, maintains a consistent temperature by making the system run in a slow mode for a longer period of time.

The variable-speed technology reduces temperature swings, improves dehumidification, lowers the operating noise, and enhances the performance, and the inverter technology offers even more consistent temperature, energy savings, and noise reduction.

Some of the Popular Models

Almost all the Infinity heat pumps use ozone-friendly refrigerant and feature a compressor sound blanket design for noise reduction. Infinity 15 heat pumps, with a single-stage compressor, are good for milder climates, where you don’t need to heat or cool to the extremes. Infinity 16 coastal heat pumps, featuring two-stage compressor operation, are better-suited for the harsh and salty coastal weather.

The Infinity 18VS model offers a five-stage compressor, heating efficiency of up to 11 HSPF, and a very low noise level at just 55 decibels. Infinity 20 heat pumps, with Greenspeed Intelligence, are the most advanced in the series. They have a variable-speed compressor and unbeatable heating efficiency at 13 HSPF.

Let our home heating experts at M&B Heating and Air help you choose and install the right heating system for your home. Call 843-628-1775 to schedule an appointment.

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