Is It Time for a New Thermostat in Seabrook Island, SC?

Think of your thermostat as the brain of your HVAC setup. If it malfunctions, then your heating and cooling system won’t be able to regulate your home’s temperature effectively. To see if it’s time to replace your thermostat in Seabrook Island, SC, read our guide below.

Your Thermostat Displays the Wrong Temperature

To make sure your thermostat provides accurate readings, you’ll want to periodically test it against an indoor thermometer. If your indoor thermometer gives you a wildly different reading than your control display, the control may have a malfunctioning sensor. Sensors can break down from normal wear and tear, so it’s important to compare your readings every few months.

Your Home Experiences Extreme Temperature Fluctuations

If your home in South Carolina goes from way too hot to way too cold, or vice versa, several times per day, then your thermostat may not be properly communicating with your HVAC system. These communication problems could be due to faulty wiring between your control and your air conditioner or due to a malfunctioning circuit within the control itself. Either way, wild temperature swings are a sign that it’s time to consider replacing your control.

Your Thermostat Is More Than a Decade Old

Even the best thermostats don’t usually last longer than 10 years. If you’re using a control that you’ve had since 2011, you’re probably going to run into problems. Rather than wait for these problems to occur, you can save yourself some time by being proactive and having a new one installed.

You See Increases in Your Utility Bills

If your thermostat reports an inaccurate temperature to your HVAC system, the system could waste energy working harder than necessary. To see if your utility bills have been significantly increasing lately, compare each month’s bill this year to the same month’s bill from last year. A year-over-year increase of more than 10% may be letting you know that it’s time to go shopping for a new thermostat.

If you’re not sure whether you need to replace or just repair your current thermostat, the professionals at M&B Heating and Air can help you make up your mind. For the most reliable thermostat and air conditioning repair services contact our friendly staff today.

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