Is My Heat Pump Low on Refrigerant in Charleston, SC?

Refrigerant is a crucial component of your heat pump that moves heat from one section to another. If the levels of this fluid are low, your heat pump will struggle to meet your indoor temperature needs. Below, we will discuss signs of a refrigerant leak in Charleston, SC.

Running Constantly

Ideally, your heat pump should heat or cool your house in cycles. Each of these cycles takes 10 to 20 minutes. Many heat pump problems can cause your system to run constantly.

One of the common reasons why your heat pump runs continuously is low refrigerant levels. Since the system cannot move enough heat with insufficient refrigerant, it fails to achieve the temperatures you inputted on the thermostat.

The system runs incessantly, attempting to meet your temperature needs. Your heat pump’s components will wear out quickly when the system runs nonstop, resulting in increased repair costs. Therefore, it’s essential to address the underlying issue as soon as possible.

A Frozen Outdoor Coil

The outdoor coil absorbs heat from the environment during winter with the help of the refrigerant. If your refrigerant leaks, the remaining amount cannot absorb enough heat. As a result, the outdoor coil remains cold, causing the moisture accumulated on it to freeze.

This ice build-up makes it even more difficult for the outdoor unit to absorb heat. Instead of scraping off the ice and hoping the underlying problem will stop, request a professional technician to inspect your system to determine what is causing the coil to freeze.

Strange Sounds

Refrigerant must pass through the compressor after it absorbs heat. The compressor increases the refrigerant’s temperature and pressure to enable it to release heat. If there are punctures in the refrigerant lines, you will hear gurgling and hissing sounds every time your heat pump runs, as the pressurized fluid escapes through the punctures.

Our team can guarantee you quality service that leaves your HVAC system better than we found it. Contact Myatt & Bates Heating and Air for professional repair, maintenance and installation services for your Charleston, SC home.

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