The Impacts of a Clogged Air Filter in James Island, SC

Did you know that you should change the air filter to your HVAC system in James Island, SC about every 90 days? You may need to do it more frequently if you own pets or if someone in your home smokes. The air filter, located in the return vent, plays a big role in your HVAC system’s operation, and if clogs, it can cause the following problems.

Strain on the Fan Motor

First, the buildup of dirt and other particles will restrict airflow, and since the fan motor should consistently supply a certain amount of air at a certain pressure, it will now need to work harder to maintain this supply. The restriction will put a strain on the motor, causing it to wear down and possibly break down sooner than you want. AC motor replacements are costly.

Dirty Evaporator Coils

Those particles that the filter ought to trap will pass through a clogged filter and start to gather on the evaporator coil, the component that absorbs heat from your home in summer. The buildup will hinder this operation, so your air will remain lukewarm until you notice the issue.

As dealers in indoor air quality systems, we know how dirt in the AC can also start to circulate within your home. This can aggravate anyone with allergies or respiratory ailments.

Frozen Coils and Overheating

A dirt-covered evaporator coil will actually freeze due to the lack of warm air entering it. This also leads to lukewarm air, and long before that, you would have noticed a significant drop in air pressure. Ultimately, the fan motor will experience strain again to circulate your air, and you’ll increase the chances of it overheating and shutting down the AC.

Our NATE-certified technicians are here to help maintain your cooling system. We’re happy to provide AC repairs if the issue is more serious than a clogged filter, so give M&B Heating and Air a call today for an appointment.

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