5 Ways HVAC Filters Impact Your System in Charleston, SC

HVAC systems are complex pieces of equipment comprised of many different components that bring comfort to your home in Charleston, SC. Perhaps owing to their apparent simplicity, HVAC filters are not considered as often as many of these components, even though they are deeply important. Here are five ways that air filters can affect your HVAC system.

1. Improved Indoor Air Quality

HVAC filters remove pollutants from the air that flows through your system and circulates throughout your home. If your filters are strong and if you remember to replace them every three months, they will contribute significantly to improving indoor air quality (IAQ).

Improved indoor air quality caan help you maintain your respiratory health. Prolonged exposure to air filled with pollutants, such as dirt and dust mites, can cause all manner of unpleasant symptoms, including fatigue and congestion. You can even develop severe lung conditions, such as pneumonia and COPD, if you forgo frequent filter changes and leave issues with IAQ unchecked over a long period of time.

Furthermore, a dirty HVAC system with a filter clogged with debris is likely to exacerbate your IAQ problems since it will be easy for air that is already polluted to become more polluted. Well-designed and clean air filters will have the opposite effect, giving you an HVAC system that contributes to a comfortable environment where you can breathe easy.

2. System Effectiveness and Efficiency

An HVAC system performs better when air can flow freely. For this, it is essential that you choose an air filter that is compatible with your system and that you change it on a schedule to prevent clogs. An air filter that is too dirty or that has excessively fine mesh will keep air from flowing as it should.

When air flows poorly, you will experience uneven temperatures throughout your home, and your home may even remain colder than it should be during the winter. In response, the thermostat may force your system to consume more energy to no avail, dropping the efficiency of your system. The same will be true during the summer when you try to cool your home.

If you do not know what filter your HVAC system requires, check the sticker on the side of your old filter. If you just received a new system and this is your first time changing your filter, seek guidance from a professional to ensure you choose the correct filter and perform this task properly.

3. Utility Bills

An inefficient system will consume energy wastefully. Thus, if air filters that are too dirty or too thick choke off airflow and force the efficiency of your system to take a nosedive, it will start using more energy. Unfortunately, this will cause your utility bills to increase considerably.

4. Moisture and Humidity

Rapid changes in air temperatures can sometimes increase the amount of moisture in the surrounding area, whether by melting ice or condensing water vapor. If you have clogged filters, that moisture will create a breeding ground for bacteria and other unpleasant biological material. Increased humidity can also attract insects and cause you to feel clammy and uncomfortable.

5. Speed of Aging

An HVAC system with a clogged filter will age faster and will be more likely to require repairs sooner rather than a system with clean filers every 3 months. Since dirty filters can make your system work harder, it is at risk of shortening its useful lifespan considerably.

HVAC air filters are simple enough that you’ll be able to clean and replace them on your own. Despite that simplicity, they regularly impact each aspect of your HVAC system, hence the reason it is important to have your system inspected routinely. Call M & B Heating and Air to get HVAC services from our team in Charleston, SC.

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