6 Signs Your Heat Pump is the Wrong Size in Charleston, SC

A failing heating system can become a significant problem during the cold winter months in Charleston, SC. Heat pumps are an efficient way to heat and cool your house, but they are less so if improperly sized. Below are six indicators that your heat pump is the wrong size.

1. Short Cycles

The HVAC system will switch off after matching the ideal temperature in a dwelling according to the thermostat settings. Quickly heating or cooling your house will cause the heat pump to go off faster. While this may seem like a good idea initially, it may cause further technical issues with the system, which can be expensive.

Short cycles mean the heat pump cuts off before all the rooms in the home get room temperature which leaves warm and cold spots throughout your home. A high-efficiency system will only operate for 15 to 20 minutes to attain the desired temperature before turning off, resulting in less wear and tear and energy consumption. When a HVAC system cycle is relatively short, you should call an HVAC professional to investigate the situation.

2. Continual Running

The wrongly sized heat pump might work nonstop to maintain indoor comfort. The constant operation increases the system’s electricity consumption, causes undue wear, and causes further problems that need fixing.

Continuously running is typically seen when a HVAC system is undersized. The square footage it is attempting to heat is too large for its capacity size.

3. Temperature Fluctuations in a Home

The goal of installing a heat pump in your home is to provide temperature uniformity throughout the house. An oversized heat pump switches off before air circulates effectively in the home resulting in cold and hot areas. On the coldest days, a house heated by an inadequate heat pump can barely keep its inhabitants comfortable.

It’s crucial to have a skilled HVAC technician determine your house’s square footage and heating needs to invest in a correctly sized heating and cooling system. Discomfort caused by cold and hot places in the home during the winter might lead to illness in certain people.

4. Increased Costs

If a heat pump is not the correct size, it might cause an excessive rise in monthly energy costs. In addition, a wrong-size HVAC system may have trouble keeping up with your home’s heating needs throughout the winter, meaning it will use a lot of energy.

Repair costs will mount on top of monthly energy bills. The culprit could be a poorly sized heat pump if you call a repair technician frequently because of system issues such as overheating or motor issues.

5. Humidity

The heat pump’s cycle must run long enough because dehumidification needs time. When the humidity is not removed, it makes it feel even warmer inside your home during the summer months. You’ll be hot and sticky inside your home in the summer when the humidity it too high because your system doesn’t run long enough to remove moisture from the air.

6. Noise

Hearing the heat pump when it is working is natural; however, it should not be unpleasant, sounding different than the usual sounds. If the heat pump is too large for the house, it may be trying to push more air through the system than the ducts can handle, causing the noise.

Because it is also cycling on and off frequently, an oversized heat pump can develop clicking sounds every time it is switching settings. Pay attention to when the sounds occur.

The wrong-size heat pump wastes money on unnecessary repairs and shortens the life of your system, so getting it right is crucial. All the signs mentioned above—excessive energy costs, cold and hot areas in your home, excessive noise—indicate that you should call a professional to install a heat pump. Contact M & B Heating and Air to provide you with proper fit heating installation services performed by a licensed technician.

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