Enjoy Peace of Mind With Our Cool Club

South Carolina’s electricity prices are 16 percent below the national average at about 8.3 cents per kilowatt. Although the state is one of the top nuclear power producers in the country, and it has avoided many costly energy policies that other states have implemented, every homeowner in Charleston, South Carolina, still wants to save more.

Considering that the heating and cooling system accounts for nearly 50 percent of the energy your home consumes every month, preventive HVAC maintenance plays a primary role in conserving and saving. Here are the biggest benefits of joining the Cool Club to receive a routine heating and cooling tuneup before each season.

Cool Club Maintenance Saves You Money

Unfortunately, more than 50 percent of homeowners in Charleston never perform routine HVAC maintenance on their HVAC system, even though studies have proven that properly maintaining your system can reduce energy costs by up to 40 percent. The fact is, regularly scheduled maintenance increases efficiency, which improves energy conservation.

With more than 100 components, there are plenty of ways an HVAC system can experience performance issues that impact energy efficiency. By investing in an annual preventive maintenance plan, such as the Cool Club Planned Service, a certified technician will be able to find and correct failures of individual HVAC components while also conducting an entire heating and cooling tuneup. Here are some other reasons to invest in the Cool Club.

  • Maintenance programs designed to enhance an HVAC system’s operating efficiency lower energy bills
  • Industry experts conclude that regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance reduces repair costs

Cool Club Maintenance Reduces the Risk of Major Breakdowns

While regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance reduces repair costs by catching small performance issues before they become larger, it also helps prevent major breakdowns. When you consider that a new HVAC system can cost upward of $5,000, and most heating and cooling systems last 15 to 20 years with proper maintenance, it pays to make the initial investment today so you don’t have to pay for your negligence tomorrow. If you notice any one of the following warning signs of a possible problem with your heating and cooling system, contact an HVAC contractor right away.

  • Leaking refrigerant: Remember that your HVAC system’s performance and efficiency depends on the refrigerant’s charge matching the manufacturer’s specification. A trained technician should repair the leak and test the charge.
  • Failures with the electric control: When the compressor and fan controls wear out, the system will frequently turn on and off. Wires and terminals can also corrode; a professional can check all connections and contacts.
  • Problems with the sensor: When knocked out of position, a thermostat sensor can make the HVAC system cycle constantly or operate erratically.

Cool Club Maintenance Extends the System’s Lifespan

When you take care of anything that works as hard as your HVAC system, you should expect it to not only perform better but also last longer. In fact, according to industry experts, regular HVAC maintenance can extend a system’s lifespan by up to five years, which gives you nearly 2,000 more days to save for a new replacement system.

Other Benefits of Joining the Cool Club

If you’re still debating whether to join the Cool Club, consider these added benefits.

  • Products and workmanship from a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer
  • Special rates for HVAC products and services offered by M & B
  • Financing available for qualified customers
  • Courteous and transparent customer service
  • Our technicians always respect your privacy and property

For more information about what a membership in the Cool Cub entails, or if you’re interested in enrolling in a preventive maintenance program today, read on about our seasonal heating and cooling tuneups or contact us at (843) 628-1775. We look forward to optimizing your HVAC system for energy efficiency and cost savings.

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