Threats to Indoor Air Quality

The air quality in your John’s Island, SC, home can impact everyone’s health. If it’s poor, some people will have problems breathing or sleeping, and others may develop allergic reactions. This guide highlights common threats that can reduce indoor air quality and tactical ways to eliminate them.

Improper Ventilation

When the ventilation in a home is restricted, the air quality will drop. The most effective way to boost ventilation is by opening a few windows for a short period of time. If your home has a patio door with a mesh screen, open it to maximize ventilation. There are also mechanical ventilators that can be installed that will condition the intake of fresh air before pushing it through your ductwork.


Smoke is tough to see after it evaporates in a home. However, the aftereffects are easy to detect as your nose will sense the odor. Although smoke is an invisible threat, you can remove its strong scent by increasing air circulation in all contaminated zones. If the odor still lingers, deep clean the carpets and furniture with a vacuum that has a HEPA filter. You can also have an air purifier installed that will eliminate cigarette smoke odor.

Pet Dander

Pet dander is a big problem for allergy sufferers because every stray strand of fur can trigger allergy symptoms. Vacuuming, dusting, and a great filter can help you eliminate pet dander in a home. If fur always builds up on the air filter, give your pets a bath regularly to reduce loose hairs and dander and consider changing filters more frequently.


In the spring, the biggest threat is pollen because it can cause sneezing, a running nose, and other problems. To trap pollen, place a doormat in front of the entrance to your home. If all guests wipe their shoes on the mat at the entrance, or better yet, take their shoes off outside, fewer pollutants will enter the house.

Household Cleaners

Although household air fresheners smell nice, they only cover up odors, so they offer no long-term benefits. Also, because the fragrances are created by chemicals, they can trigger an asthma attack if the fumes linger in a space for a long time. Instead of masking odors with scented candles and sprays, eliminate foul smells by airing out your home.

Air Purification Is a Practical Solution

An air purification system helps manage indoor quality. Without this cornerstone device, the process of maintaining fresh clean air in a home could be challenging. As a professional air conditioning company, we help homeowners by installing advanced purification products by reputable brands.

The Comfort EZ Air Filter is one of the best cabinet-style units for an entire home. This product can trap heavy debris in a populated space with ease using its high-efficiency filter. There are deep pleats on the filter, which is important because the pleated layers can remove nearly 65% of particles that are up to 1.0 micron in size.

For people who need a quiet system, we offer the Infinity Air Purifier. Inside this unit, you’ll find award-winning technology that grabs pathogens that are .30 microns. When pathogens are trapped, they never linger on the filter because the system emits a strong electric charge to destroy them.

If you need a system that can trap pathogens that cause the common cold, the Performance air purifier is a great choice. It also operates quietly after it’s connected to an HVAC system. As waves of air move through this air purifier, it effectively removes up to 75% of pathogens that contaminate the air.

Dehumidification Equipment Is a Smart Solution

A dehumidifier system regulates the humidity in a home in order to keep the air healthy. Dehumidifying your home will also help your indoor comfort. Dryer air feels cooler than humid air, so you may be able to increase your thermostat setting by a couple of degrees once your home is dehumidified.

M & B Heating and Air provides convenient services that focus on indoor air quality and your comfort. If you suspect your home’s air quality is poor, contact us today.

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