What to Consider When Choosing a New Heat Pump or AC System

There’s a lot to consider if you’re installing a new heat pump or air conditioning system in your Seabrook Island, SC home. Between evaluating your home’s needs, selecting the right equipment and caring for it properly, the process can easily seem overwhelming. To help you keep things simple and make the best decisions, here are the essential points to keep in mind.

The Benefits of Expert Installation

The unfortunate reality is that many HVAC systems are inherently less effective and efficient than they should be. That’s because many are chosen and installed without properly considering a home’s needs, leading to systems that are frequently oversized. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, oversized HVAC systems “cost more, waste energy, can cycle on and off and may cause comfort issues.”

Having your heat pump or air conditioning system installed by a trusted professional eliminates this issue. Expert installers perform load calculations to determine your home’s precise heating and cooling needs. This process comprehensively analyzes your home, including its square footage, insulation values, orientation, design considerations and much more. The result is an accurate picture of your maximum heating and cooling demands, which can then guide your equipment choices. Relying on rough estimates is likely to leave you with a system that simply isn’t equipped for comfortable, efficient performance.

Heat Pump Features to Maximize Efficiency

Once you know how much heating and cooling you need, it’s time to consider how to achieve it most efficiently. In particular, there are a few advanced features that can help your system deliver great performance with minimal waste. One such feature is the multi-stage compressor. In most HVAC systems, the compressor can only be off or at full capacity. Multi-stage compressors add an intermediate low-power mode, allowing the system to save energy by operating at partial capacity. Variable speed motors work similarly. Instead of being restricted to fully on or fully off, variable speed motors can adjust to operate at any speed.

Systems equipped with these features offer a number of benefits. First and foremost, they save energy by only heating or cooling as much as necessary to maintain your desired conditions. They also cycle on and off far less frequently. Since blowers and compressors use the most energy during startup, this further reduces energy consumption. Many people also find the more gradual heating and cooling of variable systems to be more pleasant. As an added bonus, operating for longer periods of time allows for better filtration, potentially improving air quality.

Protect Your Investment

No matter what kind of heat pump or air conditioning system you choose, protecting your investment is crucial. Having the equipment professionally installed is a great start, but the work doesn’t end there. Even the best systems are prone to gradual wear and tear, which can eventually lead to declining efficiency and unexpected breakdowns. Instead of simply waiting for the inevitable, it’s far better to be proactive in caring for your new system.

That, of course, means scheduling routine maintenance visits to keep your equipment in optimal condition. Manufacturers typically recommend a particular maintenance schedule, but you should have a tune-up done at least annually. Ideally, scheduling preventive maintenance in the spring or fall will ensure you’re prepared for peak cooling or heating season. Critically, routine maintenance helps protect you in another way as well. Most HVAC warranties may be voided if the unit isn’t serviced on an annual basis. This can leave you on the hook for serious repair costs in the event of a major failure.

You shouldn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to get effective climate control for your home. Buying a new system is certainly a big step, but the simple keys above will ensure you get great results. For all your heating and cooling needs, check out air conditioning installation services or call 843-628-1775 to speak with a friendly representative.

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