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3 Reasons to Monitor Home Humidity in Charleston, SC

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Whenever it gets too dry or too humid in your home, you probably feel uncomfortable. That's why as a Charleston, SC, homeowner, your HVAC efficiency is key to your home's comfort and humidity. This article will enlighten you on why it's important to monitor your home humidity.

1. Preserves Your Home

If you work at home or run a business such as a data center or storage rooms, monitoring moisture levels is important. Humid summer conditions can lead to condensation, which can then cause electrical malfunctions.

Storing materials or items in humid conditions leaves them susceptible to changes because of their environment. For instance, storing medical equipment in too high or too low humidity levels compromises their sterility.

If your home has any wooden materials such as hardwood floors, high moisture levels are your biggest enemy. Porous materials such as wood are quick to absorb moisture from the air in high humidity conditions. With time, this leads to gaps, uneven spots and warping.

2. Lowering Humidity Prevents Allergies

High moisture levels in your home can cause or heighten health issues such as asthma due to an increase in biologic particulates building up. Keeping your home at a range of 30% to 60% relative humidity can be effective in eliminating biological growth and boosting indoor air quality.

High humidity can cause visible effects to the eye, but you'll need to be keener or take measurements with a hygrometer to determine how high or low your home's moisture levels are. Call our experts here at M&B Heating and Air for HVAC repair and maintenance, and find out how your HVAC can help maintain your home humidity.

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