3 Symptoms of an Inefficient Furnace in Charleston, SC

An efficient furnace helps to keep you warm and comfortable all winter. Unfortunately, there will come a time when its performance will start dropping. Here are several signs of an inefficient furnace in Charleston, SC.

1. Your Home Does Not Get Warm

A low-efficiency furnace will be unable to keep your home warm, or you will notice some cold spots within your home.

The reasons your furnace could fail to heat your living space include a damaged pilot light, a clogged air filter, a dirty flame sensor and clogged condensate drain lines. A professional can help take care of these issues.

Do not attempt to work on your furnace if you are not a professional. You may accidentally cause the issue to worsen, and you’ll end up with a more expensive repair.

2. There Are Unusual Noises

Usually, your furnace does not produce disturbing noises while providing heat. Therefore, if you hear loud sounds you have never heard before, your system is not working as it should. Common issues that may cause your furnace to produce loud noises include dirty burners, blower motor issues and ignition system problems.

Do not ignore any unusual noises that your furnace produces. The earlier you switch off your furnace, the more likely you are to prevent the problem from deteriorating.

3. You Need Frequent Repairs

Since the furnace works all winter, it is not uncommon for the unit to need attention occasionally. However, if your repair technician has to attend to your system frequently to keep it running smoothly, its efficiency has likely been reduced also. A replacement may be an excellent option to ensure everyone in your home is comfortable and warm.

We always maintain high levels of expertise and professionalism, and you can rest assured we will take care of your furnace issues. Call M&B Heating and Air for exceptional heating services if your furnace has developed problems.

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