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3 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bill This Winter

Reduce Energy Bill
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With the cooler temperatures that the winter brings to Charleston, South Carolina, homeowners may find an increase in both their heater usage and utility bills. If you're a Charleston homeowner concerned about rising energy costs, there are steps you can take to reduce your bill this winter.

Use a Smart Thermostat

Investing in a smart thermostat is a great way to reduce your home heating costs without sacrificing comfort. Smart thermostats are more precise than conventional models and allow you to program the heating schedule that is right for you. Smart thermostats also monitor your usage habits to suggest additional cost-cutting measures. You can control your smart thermostat remotely, allowing you to make sure that your heater isn't running when you're not at home.

Tune Up Your Heater

If your home's heat pump or furnace is dirty or damaged, it won't be able to heat your house properly, leading it to run longer to compensate. A continually running heater will have to be replaced sooner and can cause an increase in your energy bill. To prevent excessive wear and tear, you should have your heating system inspected by an HVAC professional at the start of winter. A professional can detect leaks, blockages, and potential breakdowns before they become more costly issues.

Perform Home Maintenance

Keeping your home properly maintained can go a long way in helping you reduce your winter energy costs. You should check for leaks around doors and windows and apply weather stripping if necessary. Drafts can also enter into the house through unfinished spaces in cabinets and closets, so make sure those areas are also adequately sealed. If you have a fireplace, close the damper when you're not using it. Your heater won't have to work as hard with less cold air in the house.

At M&B Heating and Air, our team of experts is happy to help you reduce your winter energy costs. Call us today at 843-628-1775 to schedule a heater tuneup or smart thermostat installation.

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