4 Ways You Can Benefit From Keeping Your Filter Clean

Staying on top of the air filter in your Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, home’s HVAC system is critical the functionality of your system. It’s one of the simplest HVAC tasks, but it’s one that’s often most overlooked. Need help remembering to keep your filter clean and changed? We’d like to help you learn some of the many ways you can benefit from a clean air filter.

Improved IAQ

The primary function of your system’s air filter is to trap dust, allergens, and pollutants and prevent them from getting out into the air in your home. When your filter is clogged, it cannot operate properly, and you will begin to experience increased dust in the home as well as increased asthma and allergy symptoms in people who have these conditions.

Better System Efficiency

When your filter becomes clogged or dirty, the airflow in your system becomes restricted, as the air has a hard time pushing through the buildup on the filter. This restriction can cause your system to have to work harder than it should to push the air through. The harder it works, the more energy will be expended, leading to poor energy efficiency and higher utility bills.

Increase Your System’s Longevity

Changing your air filter regularly is part of good system maintenance. The filter not only keeps dirt and debris from getting into the air in your home, but it also prevents it from backing up in your system, causing the components to become dirty. Dirty components and poor airflow lead to more stress on the components. More stress means more wear, which can lead to more repairs and lower overall longevity for your system.

Improved Temperature Control

When the air is allowed to travel freely through your HVAC system and vents, it can be easier to control the temperature throughout your home. Better temperature control means improved comfort and also better control over your utility bills.

Ready to schedule your full system maintenance? Call us. One of our M&B Heating and Air technicians will schedule your maintenance appointment.

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