5 Benefits of an HVAC Maintenance Plan in Charleston, SC

Regular HVAC maintenance keeps your unit in top shape throughout its service life. Through regular maintenance, you not only keep your Charleston, SC, home comfortable, but you also reduce your bills. Below we’ll discuss some of the benefits of having an HVAC maintenance plan.

Discounted Rates

Your HVAC contractor may offer discounted rates to maintenance plan clients for equipment services and labor. Since the cost of inspections and repairs may be expensive, you may enjoy more bearable expenses under a cool club maintenance plan.

Priority HVAC Services

Your HVAC system may fail due to many reasons, and you need regular maintenance to reduce these incidences. Most of these failures occur during the peak season and may disrupt your comfort and daily activities. However, with a maintenance contract, your system will get priority and receive immediate attention.

Proper Documentation of Services

Part of the maintenance service agreement ensures that you get a record of all works done. Whenever HVAC technicians work on your system, they’ll always record and keep a detailed file of all maintenance works. These service records are crucial, especially if the system is still under warranty.

Most manufacturers require that you have a record of the maintenance services to validate a warranty. With a service contract, however, you can have a well-documented file, and in case problems arise, the manufacturer will have to honor the warranty.

Additionally, the maintenance record of your HVAC system is a selling point to potential home buyers. Homebuyers prefer to find a well-maintained system, and a service record can make your home attractive.

Prolong the Service Life of Your System

With regular checkups, your HVAC system can serve you effectively for many years. Maintenance reduces breakdown and expensive repairs that may reduce the lifespan of your unit. Neglected HVAC systems will not only cost you in repairs, but they’ll also force you to replace them prematurely.

Reduced Cost of Heating and Cooling

As your HVAC system ages, it gradually loses its energy efficiency due to wear and tear. When this happens, your system consumes more energy hence an increase in monthly utility bills. However, with a maintenance plan, your system will receive attention and maintain its efficiency over the years.

For more information about our maintenance services, contact the team about M&B Heating and Air. Our team of experts will ensure that your system remains in top shape.

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