5 Reasons You Need Fall Furnace Maintenance in Mt. Pleasant, SC

Neglecting your HVAC system can lead to increased monthly operating costs, breakdowns and an array of safety hazards. As the cold season draws near, it’s important to protect yourself with a fall furnace tune-up. Read on and discover five reasons you should prioritize fall furnace maintenance in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

1. Reduce Energy Bills

A furnace that has been properly tuned and maintained uses less energy than one that hasn’t, sometimes slashing bills 25% or more. Professional maintenance coupled with frequently changed filters is the fastest way for you to save on your bills.

2. Longer Furnace Life

Small adjustments performed during routine furnace maintenance help your unit run more smoothly. Less energy gets consumed, and less wear and tear occurs on a daily basis. These tune-ups save you money by extending the life of your furnace, sometimes, for years.

3. Prevent Dangers

There are dangers that come with heating your home. A natural gas furnace, for example, can, sometimes, leak gas or carbon monoxide. A yearly tune-up can spot and prevent these problems from occurring, keeping you safe.

4. Lessen Repair Frequency

A furnace tune-up can spot small problems before they evolve into larger issues. Fixing things before they escalate leads to fewer repairs and a better functioning system.

5. Maintain Your Warranty

The warranty on your furnace helps keep you safe by covering the costs of repairs and some maintenance. Many of these warranties stipulate that you need to have a yearly checkup done on your furnace to keep the warranty valid.

Think it’s time to schedule that furnace checkup? Give us a call today at Myatt & Bates Heating and Air, and ask us about our fall furnace tune-up and maintenance packages! As a proud leader in the Mt. Pleasant HVAC industry, we look forward to serving you!

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