Avoid These 4 Home Cooling Pitfalls

Homeowners in Charleston, South Carolina, use a lot of electricity to cool their homes, thanks to the hot, humid temperatures we have to deal with. Furthermore, many homeowners use their air conditioners improperly, resulting in increased energy bills. Here are a few home-cooling pitfalls to watch out for.

Not Changing Your Air Filters

As a homeowner, there’s not much you can do in the way of HVAC maintenance, but changing your air filters is your biggest HVAC responsibility. Check your central AC unit’s filter monthly, and change it every one to three months depending on how dirty it gets. Also, change the filters throughout your home on the same schedule to ensure the air conditioner runs as efficiently as possible.

Not Using a Programmable Thermostat

If you’re still stuck with an old-fashioned thermostat, you’re not saving as much money as you could be. That’s because programmable thermostats allow you to set the AC’s schedule according to when you’ll be away, allowing the system to automatically raise and lower the temperature as needed. Newer smart thermostats even let you monitor the system on your mobile phone, making programming easier than ever.

Not Scheduling Annual Maintenance

Failing to have your system serviced annually can result in unnecessary replacements down the road. In the meantime, you could be faced with increased utility bills as your air conditioner struggles to run despite dirty coils, clogged ducts, and warped fins. In fact, you’re more likely to save money by sticking to your annual maintenance service than skipping it altogether.

Cooling Empty Rooms

Unoccupied rooms don’t require cooling, so why waste all that energy by keeping every vent in the home open? Close any vents in unused rooms as well as closet doors in other areas of the home. You might also consider upgrading to a zoned system to keep your energy use in check.

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