How A Heat Pump Lessens Your Carbon Footprint in Mt. Pleasant, SC

If you’ve been using standard methods of heating your Mt. Pleasant, SC home, consider making the switch to a heat pump. With both heating and cooling capabilities, heat pumps are an energy efficient way of keeping your home comfortable. In this article, we discuss what a heat pump is and why they’re a more eco-friendly heating and cooling system.

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

Furnaces burn fossil fuels to create heat out of nothing. A heat pump grabs hot or cold air from outside your home and pumps it inside. They use less energy than other heating methods, using electricity only to run the compressor.

Heat Pumps Need Less System Materials

Heat pumps are a more compact unit, needing less space and materials consumed to manufacture and install. With only one system to worry about instead of both a furnace and air conditioning system, things are simple as well.

Heat Pumps Don’t Burn Fossil Fuels

When you use a heat pump, no new energy needs producing in order to heat your home. Instead, much like a geothermal system, your HVAC system draws on energy and heat that’s already in the environment, warming or cooling the air, depending upon the season. Your HVAC system will still use electricity to run, but it won’t burn any fossil fuels, lowering your overall carbon footprint.

Heat Pumps Consume Less Energy

Most heat pumps are more efficient than even the best gas and electric furnaces. Ductless models, in particular, are incredibly eco-friendly, having efficiency ratings over 100%. Most furnaces have efficiency ratings of 90% to 95%, if they’re high-efficiency units.

Interested in heating and cooling your home in a more environmentally friendly way? Heat pumps are a great option! Give us a call at M&B Heating and Air today and ask us about setting up a consultation to learn more about our heat pump installation services.

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