How to Save on Your New Furnace

A new HVAC system is a substantial investment for most people. All models cost thousands of dollars, and homeowners here in Charleston, South Carolina, have a variety of options to choose from before winter weather begins. You can save on your new furnace by considering its energy efficiency, size, and maintenance costs.

Energy Efficiency

If you replace an older, less efficient furnace with a more efficient model, you may be able to qualify for a tax credit. You’ll get your investment back over time through energy savings, and an efficient furnace can increase the value of your home. Choose a heater with a variable-speed fan for better temperature control. It can save power by running constantly at a low speed instead of running faster for shorter intervals. It will also run more quietly than a conventional model could.


If your heater doesn’t have the right capacity for your home, it will waste energy. If it’s oversized, it will work too quickly, and it won’t be able to keep your temperature constant. Oversized systems also take up more space and cost more. An undersized system will struggle to bring your house to the desired temperature selected on your thermostat. A load calculation should be performed by a professional like the ones at M&B Heating and Air to make sure that the furnace you choose is the right size.

Maintenance Costs

Some types of furnaces cost less to maintain than others. For example, a packaged HVAC system combines a furnace and an air conditioner or heat pump in one casing. They usually sit in the yard outside your home or on the roof. Installation and maintenance are faster and less expensive because all the parts are in one place.

M&B Heating and Air has more than 50 years of heating and cooling experience, and we’re a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. Call us anytime at 843-628-1775 for excellent service and a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee from our friendly experts.

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