New Construction? 3 Important AC Considerations

If you’re looking at remodeling your Charleston, South Carolina, home or starting a new construction project, it’s important to spend some time thinking about your climate control system. Big or small, construction projects can affect your AC unit. Here are three important considerations for you to think about before beginning your next home project.

Construction Dust

Construction dust can wreak havoc on your AC unit. The fine dust often passes through filters and can build up quickly in your unit, impairing function and potentially causing massive breakdowns and failures. To prevent this buildup of dust, be sure to block off your vents in areas that construction is taking place with thick plastic sheeting — just flipping the vents shut probably won’t do enough. Even if it doesn’t cause mechanical issues, construction dust in your ducts can impact your indoor air quality after construction is over.


If your home project includes expanding your home’s square footage, you may need to consider getting a new HVAC unit or exploring alternative climate control options. A unit that’s too small for your new home layout may lead to skyrocketing energy bills as the unit works hard to cool a space that’s larger than its load allows. If you don’t want to do a whole new unit, you can consider items like ductless mini-split systems that will provide climate control without having to get a new unit or expand existing ductwork.

Keeping Cool

During your home construction, you still want decent climate control, especially if you’re staying in your home. Floor and ceiling fans can be helpful for keeping your home’s climate under control and, if you aren’t using your AC while construction is ongoing, a dehumidifier can keep your indoor air quality high. If you have your home set up in climate control zones, you can easily adjust that system so that it only blows in the areas that aren’t being renovated.

If part of your renovation plans includes upgrading your AC unit, give the experts at Myatt and Bates Heating & Air a call at 843-628-1775 to set up a consultation today!

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