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The Difference in a Furnace and a Heat Pump in Goose Creek, SC

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Residents of Goose Creek, SC, may realize that furnaces and heat pumps are not interchangeable terms. There are several differences between the two systems, and each has its own set of pros and cons. Knowing some of the key differences in a heat pump and a furnace can help you decide which one is the better fit for your home.

Method of Heating

The biggest difference in heat pumps and furnaces is in how they heat your home. Furnaces, which require some sort of fuel or heat source, use combustion to convert that source to heat before a fan blows it through the home.

Heat pumps use a condenser to generate both heat and cool air. This is similar to the process that a refrigerator uses to cool air, except that a heat pump can take advantage of the heat generated from the cooling process of condensation as well. The air handler brings in this generated heat and sends it through your ductwork.


The sole purpose of a furnace is to heat your home. Conversely, heat pumps can provide either warm or cool air, so you can also use them for air conditioning. While there are multiple benefits to furnace installation, heat pumps provide more versatility when controlling the climate in your home.

Heat Pump and Furnace Space

There are 2 components of a heat pump. The compressor is installed outside the home and the air handler is installed inside, usually in a closet, attic or garage.

Since furnace installation takes place inside the home, it does require that you have a certain amount of available space. It's important to consider the amount of space you have for an indoor HVAC unit when deciding which type of system to install.

No matter which type of heat source you choose for your home, our team of comfort specialists is ready to make your home more comfortable. Call M&B Heating and Air today to inquire about our installation, maintenance and repair options.

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