Troubleshooting Your Charleston, SC Heat Pump System

Heat pump systems are incredible for offering efficient heating and cooling throughout the year in Charleston, SC. However, just like other systems, they are susceptible to issues at times. Below, we go over some common methods of troubleshooting a heat pump system.

Clogged Air Filter

Every HVAC system depends on its ability to circulate air into the system and back into the target space. Air filters are always the first line of troubleshooting when you’re experiencing a problem. Check your air filter regularly, and replace it if it’s visibly dirty on the intake side.

Insufficient Refrigerant Pressure

Every HVAC system utilizes some form of refrigerant to absorb heat and transfer it. When there’s too little refrigerant in the system, it can’t compress enough to expel the heat it absorbs. A technician can check the refrigerant charge and pressure during routine HVAC maintenance.

Faulty Pump or Compressor

Heat pumps have a compressor to help the circulating refrigerant expel the absorbed heat. Some models also have a pump to move water if it’s a system that uses it. Both the compressor and pump must work properly or the system won’t effectively complete the heat transfer process.

Malfunctioning Capacitor

A capacitor is an electronic component that stores a large electrical charge to help start large components. In a heat pump, the compressor, pump and fan motors may all rely on a capacitor.

When these go bad, they may make a loud buzzing or humming sound. It’s important to have a professional replace capacitors due to the risk of causing serious electrical shock.

It’s good to have an idea of the problems you could face with your heat pump system. However, it’s best to leave most troubleshooting and repairing of your system to trained and experienced professionals. Call to schedule heat pump repair services with one of our NATE-certified technicians at Myatt & Bates Heating and Air.

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