Why A Cool Club Maintenance Plan Is A Great Investment

Don’t jeopardize the lifespan, performance and efficiency of your furnace, heat pump or air conditioner. The best way to keep it humming along happily and operating optimally season after season is with a Cool Club Maintenance Plan. Here’s what’s in it for you:

Reduced HVAC Repair Calls

Annual HVAC maintenance gives your service technician an opportunity to catch potential issues before they escalate, and nip them in the bud. Most HVAC repair calls can be avoided with a yearly checkup, and as a Cool Club Member, you’ll enjoy a ten percent discount on replacement parts.

Optimized Efficiency

The more efficient the system, the less you’ll spend using it. Preventive HVAC maintenance helps indoor comfort systems to operate as efficiently as possible. This, in turn, saves you money on energy usage. According to the Consortium for Energy Efficiency, you could save significantly on energy costs simply by scheduling annual HVAC maintenance

Extended System Lifespan

HVAC manufacturers want you to be happy with their products. They recommend annual maintenance because they know it will keep your comfort system performing optimally for as long as possible.

Preferential Scheduling

With a Cool Club Service Plan, you’ll enjoy emergency service and priority scheduling. This is a welcome blessing if your Charleston, SC, comfort system suddenly stops working during a heat wave or while the temps are excessively cold.

Peace Of Mind

It’s easy to forget about annual furnace, heat pump and air conditioner tune-ups. As a Cool Club Member, you won’t have to miss out on these important and value-added services ever again.

No matter how you cut it, an HVAC service agreement is the best way to keep your indoor comfort system in excellent condition and your warranties in good standing. It’s also your best protection against Charleston’s chilly winters and hot, muggy summers. To learn more about Cool Club Maintenance, visit Myatt & Bates Heating and Air Heating and Air, or call 843-628-1775.

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