5 HVAC Tasks You Should Leave to Professionals

HVAC equipment in your Summerville, South Carolina, home is a complex system. It involves several components working together to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. Regular maintenance keeps the system running efficiently, increases its lifespan, and prevents costly repairs. You can perform some simple maintenance tasks yourself, such as changing the air filter, removing dust from the indoor unit, and keeping the area around the outdoor unit clean. However, it’s advisable to leave the technical tasks to a certified HVAC technician. These include tasks like equipment installation, preventive maintenance, UV lamp installation, fixing electrical issues, and refrigerant recharge.

Equipment Installation

Even the most modern and efficient system can be ruined by poor installation. Improper installation can hinder performance, stress components, and increase the replacement cost. An installation that does not follow manufacturer’s instructions can void the warranty. An HVAC expert can help you choose the right design and size of the equipment to best suit your home. Professional installation done with proper tools and technology ensures smooth functioning at optimum efficiency. It prevents frequent breakdowns and enhances the level of comfort.

For best results, hire a licensed, NATE-certified technician for HVAC installation.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance involves cleaning, inspecting, and tuning up your HVAC system. It is intended to assess the overall condition of the system and fix any identified, issues before they cause a breakdown. Common maintenance tasks include cleaning the coils, flushing the drain line, lubricating moving parts, testing electrical components, checking the refrigerant level, and inspecting the thermostat functioning.

It requires an experienced technician to test the system, and spot the cause of a likely breakdown. An HVAC expert can also advise you on system improvements and upgrades for higher efficiency and comfort. Preventive maintenance pays for itself through reduced repairs and lowers energy cost. For systems performing both heating and cooling functions, you should schedule two inspections a year, one each before the summer and winter set in. However, one visit would be sufficient if your system performs only one function.

UV Lamp Installation

A UV lamp is an important HVAC accessory to improve the indoor air quality. It controls the growth of mold and bacteria inside the indoor unit. Though you may be tempted to save some money by installing it on your own, you’d be better off calling in a professional.

An incompatible UV lamp can damage the air cleaner. The UV lamp must be installed at an appropriate location over the coil and near a power source but away from plastic filters. Poor placement can render the UV light completely useless. It’s also important to comply with technical directions during installation, since exposure to UV light can damage eyes and skin.

Fixing Electrical Issues

An HVAC unit uses a number of electrical components, and it may be extremely difficult for a layman to pinpoint where the exact problem lies. Some of the common electrical issues include exposed wiring, loose connection, wrong fuse, bad capacitor, and short circuit. These may manifest through tripping a circuit breaker, intermittent functioning of the fan, longer startup time, and complete shutdown of the system.

All electrical issues in your HVAC system are best left to a trained electrician. Trying to fix these issues yourself may further damage the system, not to mention the risk of electrocution due to inefficient handling.

Refrigerant Recharge

Air conditioning units use refrigerant to cool the air and transfer the heat to the outside environment. If your system is not able to cool the air properly, it’s most likely because the refrigerant levels are running low. The fall in the level of refrigerant, in most cases, is due to leakage, which often results in a buildup of ice on the unit.

Refilling the refrigerant is a highly dangerous task. Legally, you must have professional certification to perform it.

At Myatt & Bates Heating and Air, we understand the importance of keeping your HVAC system running as efficiently as possible. To schedule a visit from one of our highly experienced and qualified HVAC technicians in and around Summerville, give us a call at 843-628-1775.

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